Printing Machine and Its Various Models With Features

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Process of replicating  images and text using a template known as a printer.  In the earlier days woodblock printing had been used and it came from china before 220 A.D. In later, the development of printing involve movable type and it was developed by Sheng in China. After that Gutenbergin had introduced movable mechanical type printing in Europe around the 15th century.Presently large scale printing can be used printing press, while small scale an be used in digital printer. For every printing paper is most significant material, it can be made frequently on metals, cloth, composite materials and plastics. For essential publishing and transaction printing paper is repeatedly brought off as large scale.


 How printers can work with its types:


Depending on the model and manufacturer in cartridges for printer have different combinations, such as a single cartridge with color and black,  cartridges with different ink color and black& color cartridges in separate. From the invention a different technologies have been involved in computer printers. Printers are classified as impact printers and non  impact printers. In impact printers a key hit the paper to create a letter. Dot matrix and  Daisy Wheel printers are the examples of impact printers. Dot Matrix printer contains 9 to 24 pins and these pins will produce patterns of dots to form the separate characters in the  paper.  Daisy wheel can be used in order to get quality typewrites. Non- impact printers cannot operate by striking against a ribbon. Laser and inkjet printers are non impact printers. Laser printer works in the same way of the photocopy machine. Inkjet printers works same as the Dot matrix printers.


Quality printer and its specification:


With the help of features like speed of printing, resolution and color, with these things  the quality of printers can be identified.  Modern printers have multipurpose functions, i.e. combination of scanner, fax, photocopier and printer. To fulfill various needs there are lots of printers available with different technologies.  kyocera fs-4200dn is one of the modern printers currently  and it has the features of standard gigabit network functionality and low power consumption. This type can print 50 pages / minute in A4 sheets and it has six paper trays for high capacity and superior flexibility. Another vital printer is thermal cash printer which can be used continuously to get a printout form of receipts from different machines such as a cash register and credit card machines. Royal 1100ml  is a newer model thermal printer which has 7000 PLUs capacity, data cap port, LCD display. In this type of model customer can read and see the product on the  receipt.


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