WorkSocial opens its doors to global clients

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1888PressRelease - Creating networks at a global scale lands worksocial a global gig and a funding round to open 5 locations in the next 6 months.

JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- WorkSocial | A Happiness Company
WorkSocial is pleased to announce workplace and workspace developmeent contracts with:

1. A global technology services company,

2. An international property manager.

3. A global staffing company

"Our clients deserve their privacy,so I am not going to give name. But, we are excited that our business model of happiness, wellness and leadership has helped us scale to 600% in six months." Private Equity and venture capital firms are all interested in why we are doing things differently. "We turned off that noise because from day one, funding was never a problem. We knew that if we contributed consistently the money would come and it did. Our bank showed us how."

Worksocial is the market leader in coworking. "We are small enough to focus on each client with a lot of care and dedication. Our mission is to disrupt the coworking space business, which is becoming crowded with every real estate player opening doors to the likes of wework." An yet we are thinking big, bigger than everyone else.

Coworking is not about office space or real estate. it is about

1. Contributiion - Alex Charfen

2. Connection - Seth Godin

3. Service - Robin Sharma

4. People - Client

Worksocial's model is indeed different. They have created a platform to bring happiness back to the workplace.

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