Basic Information for First Time Luxury Cruising

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The first time you book a luxury cruise on the Caribbean, you are in for a real treat. Take advantage of some great tips and advice to ensure that the experience is as wonderful as you’ve imagined it might be. With your advance preparation, you’ll probably be ready to book a few more luxury Caribbean cruises before you’ve even settled back in after this one is over. There are some mistakes that first time vacationers tend to make as far as packing, ports, dining and drinking go. Take a look at advice from those who’ve made mistakes on their first cruises and those who have enjoyed many cruises in their time.


Review the Information From the Cruise Line


The first thing to do is to brush up on what you might expect on luxury cruises. Some cruise lines will provide information about how their ship works, including boarding procedures, what you can drink and how much, whether you can use your cell phone, and what types of activities you might enjoy onboard. This resource is one of the most helpful for brand-new vacationers and those who have enjoyed cruises on more than one cruise line.


Visit With Other Travelers About Experiences


After brushing up on as much information as you can get from the cruise line, you’ll want to start researching the experiences of previous travelers. For example, many people succumb to seasickness while on luxury Caribbean cruises. The discomfort is not going to be lasting, but can really make your cruise uncomfortable. Nausea and vomiting, headaches and stomach cramps can leave you with memories that are anything but pleasant. Avoid seasickness by getting plenty of rest before the cruise, pack anti-emetic drugs for use if you do get sick, reserve a cabin near the water line, and wear an acupressure wristband. You’ll also want to avoid anything that might make you sick, get plenty of fresh air, and eat those things that are easy on your stomach.


Is It Really Free?


The next tip for those who are just becoming familiar with luxury cruises is to pay close attention to those things that are free and those that come with a fee. Too often, first time cruisers find that items they enjoyed while out at sea weren’t actually free. Even those cruises are listed as “all-inclusive”, there may be some optional items that come with fees, such as cocktails, massages, and the ubiquitous souvenir photos. Carefully review the information in the paperwork and just learn to be comfortable asking before ordering.


Spending Cash When Going to Shore


One last bit of advice before setting sail on luxury Carribean cruises is to make arrangements for currency if you are planning to go to shore in another country. You may find that it is easier to exchange money while at home, but some cruise lines offer ATMs for your convenience. If you choose to use the ATM with your debit card, you’ll find that money is drawn directly from your bank and comes out in the foreign currency you need. You’ll probably pay a bank fee at the ATM, but this is typically less than you would lose due to the exchange rate on shore.

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