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People suffering from varicose vein issue do have to fear for their lives as there has been no case ever where people died due to varicose vein. Veins carry blood from different parts of human body and tissues to the heart where it gets re-oxygenated or in common terms purified. When these veins get dilated, collapsed or overfilled with blood due to malfunction of vein valves or other abnormalities then the varicose vein medical condition happens. Varicose Vein Doctor in Chicago has found that it happens mostly in the lower portion of legs in women mainly in women.


During pregnancy, on using contraceptives for too long, obesity, during menopause period, congenital chronic valve issues, standing for long hours at a stretch etc are the general reasons which cause or aggravate further this medical abnormality. A lot many suitable treatment options are available under both surgical and non-surgical category which the patients can opt for calculating the risks associated with them.


Primary Care doctors like an individual’s family medical doctor, general medical practitioners etc are able to diagnose, treat and supervise the cases of varicose veins and put a stop to the complications. However it is advised that you from the very beginning try consulting a doctor who specializes in this curing and treating vascular diseases primarily. Doctors who mainly attend to abnormal venous conditions are called Phlebologists. A vascular surgeon can also be contacted and will be of much medical help to your case. If your concern regarding your varicose vein issue is mainly revolving around your cosmetic tension, then getting an appointment of a skin doctor or a Dermatologist will be helpful. A cardiologist also can treat your veins in who has special medical expertise and qualification in treatment of peripheral vascular disease.


When you feel pain and face problem in standing or sitting due to swelling of the portion where the veins got extra prominent due to the abnormal medical condition then it is time for you to consult a good doctor. After diagnosing your condition they will recommend you the treatment options available for you and will ask you to bring changes to your life style as well to start with. They will diagnose your veins by observing your veins when you stand or sit.


Less invasive medical treatment options available does not require a patient staying in hospital and at ease can be administered to outpatients. Due to cosmetic reason only if you are opting for treatment then please note that you will not get financially backed by any insurance coverage.


Doctors do not adopt aggressive medical treatment options available for curing symptoms of varicose veins firstly but try other methods to see if the condition improves. Wearing compression stockings is in general advised which can help the situation and if not then other treatment options for more serious varicose vein issues are tried. They will check your family medical history. They for diagnosis might also ask you to do ultrasound or Duplex Doppler Ultrasound.



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