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Babies are to be breast fed for 1 year or at least minimum 6 months surely to provide a strong health foundation on which she or he can stand to progress in life. World Health Organization and UNICEF also are in support of giving breast milk to babies and they recommend to every mom on earth to give breast milk to babies as god nature has filled their mammary glands with life promising milk for this purpose only. Phillips breast pump is quality breastfeeding equipment which will help new mothers to provide breast milk to babies when they have to work and go out for some reason.


It is not that women always use breast pumps or as such breastfeeding equipments to give milk to babies because they have to go to work, shops, do business or look after other priorities of life. There are many women who use the just because they do not like their babies sucking milk naturally from their mammary glands and hate the ticklish sensation that happens when babies such the nipples.


For those modern mothers there are certain information, that might motivate them to directly feed the milk to their babies at least when they are at home and around their babies.


Ø  Breastfeeding improves bonding between the mother and child as a happy hormone called oxytocin in the mother’s body which promotes it.


Ø   Baby’s emotional requirements also get satisfied.


Ø  Breastfeeding minimizes the risk of breast cancer in women who breastfed their babies.


Ø  During pregnancy the uterus size of the expecting woman increases by 20 times the original size of her uterus. Sucking by baby is known to help regaining the normal size of the uterus more quickly than naturally it can be. However it will remain slightly enlarged always after childbirth.


Ø  Post-partum hemorrhage also is prevented naturally in women who breastfeed their babies.


Ø  Women who get stressed about their obesity after childbirth should take note that breastfeeding helps in losing weight.


Ø  It also minimizes insulin requirement in lactating women after child birth.


One can see how many benefits are there for women also to breast feed their babies, if the benefits babies enjoy are not enough to convince them to breast feed their little ones. When you are at work, outing, attending other needs that time only use breastfeeding equipments and other times it is advisable to directly breast feed your baby.


Phillips Avent Breast Pump is a good quality breast feeding equipments and you can trust this machine to help you pump out as much breast milk as you want within short time and also the milk extracted through this is safe for babies.


Philips Avent Comfort Electric Breast Pump helps sucking out milk at a much faster rate and does not cause any irritation or discomfort to the women who use it. They ensure maximum comfort possible within minimum time.


Whatever the machine may be and no matter how branded the company is, please breast feed directly when you are at home.


Author Bio: Philips Avent Breast Pump helps women to ease their lactation period. Philips Avent Comfort Electric Breast Pump makes everything easy and hassles free so that both you and your baby are happy.

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