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Varicose vein treatment options are available in plenty in several centers across the world. People opt for varicose vein treatment specifically for cosmetic reasons as it looks really ugly with extra prominent veins visible on the skin. The veins get swollen and thus get visible from outside also like blue-colored or red-colored pipe-like structures. Vein laser center in Nj helps people suffering from any kind of vein related issues will get sure relief as much as possible through accepted medical methods.


The varicose vein issue gets disturbing when the veins in our body become enlarged, dilated and or overfilled with blood. They are known to be painful and look bluish or purple as mentioned earlier. It is not always caused by improper functioning of veins or some medical abnormal conditions. It is commonly observed in old aged women. Sometimes it has been noticed that with old age the elasticity of the veins is naturally lost and it looks ugly thus.


Veins have one-way valves that restrict blood from flowing backwards. When these valves do not do their job properly, blood then starts getting collected in the veins only and it overfills it rather than continuing toward human heart heart.


Varicose veins get apparent predominantly in lower leg portion. Varicose veins often affect the legs for which there is a medically explained reason that is they are the farthest from the heart and gravity makes it tougher for the blood to flow upward. Therefore we get to witness this abnormal vein prominence mostly in lower portion of legs.


Other most commonly witnessed causes that develop varicose veins issues are Obesity, Menopause, congenital chronic heart valve conditions, during pregnancy, standing for long hours at a stretch, pressure on the abdominal portion of the body etc. From the causes mentioned one can naturally understand why it happens mostly in women because most of the causes are possible only for women.


It is important to know most important symptoms of varicose veins in people so that they can realize they need to consult able doctors in Vein laser center in Nj without wasting much time. The primary symptom of varicose veins is highly visible misshapen veins usually on the legs. The patients sometimes even complaint of pain, swelling, heaviness, and aches in the legs are common to feel. In some cases, the patients can experience swelling, discoloration, or ulcers around their ankles also.


Experienced doctors examine legs and visible veins of the patients when they are standing or sitting for diagnosis of the disease. Ultrasonography or ultra sound might be asked to do to examine their blood flow. An angiogram might be used by doctor to carefully and accurately assess the veins of the patient.

Compression technique is liked by many doctors to start with as it helps to treat the disease whereby extra pressure is exerted on the legs so that the blood starts easily to the heart. For this compression pantyhose and or stocking available in drugstore is required for the patient to buy.  



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