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Lake Charles Clinic has experienced and dedicated staffs that work closely with the patience to understand each and every need and will accordingly start the treatment. Here treatment is not just through medications but also we will mentally treat them to eradicate any anxiety disorders. We believe in any treatment only certain percentage can be cured by medicines and the rest will be up to the patience mentality towards the illness. Thus having a positive mind and acceptance to medicines is a win-win situation for both the doctor and patience.


At Lake Charles Clinical Trials we conduct various conditions of clinical trials such as Schizophrenia, Autism, Bipolar Disorder (Manic or Depressive symptoms), Alzheimer’s disease, Major Depressive Disorders, Anxiety disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Many would have the question, who pays for clinical researches? Clinical research funding is through the federal government as well as private industries. These sponsors will hire physicians to work in a wide variety of health care sites in order to conduct clinical trials. Physicians are usually paid per-patient treatment basis. Medical care is provided for free to all patients.


At Lake Charles Clinical Anxiety Disorder Treatment is treated for many patience and they are very lucky to get treatment from well qualified staffs. Here we have about three Clinical Research-Raters, and same number of Clinical Research Co-coordinators. We also hire a fulltime lab-technician, Regulatory Affairs Specialists, and also an Administrative Staff. Our office is fortunate to provide occupation for lot of people, the main function of each post may be marginally different from what the industry standard is. This is the very reason why we are unique and our services are well appreciated.


The Regulatory Affairs Specialists will handle the study startup documentations related to IRB approval, new studies and notices for existing, previous and new studies, and will also manage the necessary training for staff. The Inpatient-Coordinator is accountable to manage the care aspect of all our patients’ requirements and medicines during the hospitalization. The prime role of Clinical Research-Rater is to scale management for the pharmaceutics trials. They will do required visit(s) with patients, in addition to all assessments. They will also handle drug accountability of the trials, except for cases where the study medicine requires blinded people.


These Clinical Research Coordinators will work together with Research Raters. The key role of Coordinators is designing and completes source document preparation before each study-visit. Post study visit, Coordinators will note the source info in either eCRF or CRF formats. Once the data is made note of, they will respond to all queries by the sponsors. More details and list of various staffs and co-coordinators are available in our website Lake Charles Clinical Trials. For studies research personnel there are qualification requisites, this information is also made available in our website. Age group, medical history are few commons this criteria for our selection process. Anxiety Disorder Treatment is a main category where we have lot of experience. Visit our website for detailed information and be connected with us for regular updates.


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