Stanchion Rope Benefits

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Stanchion ropes work with partitions to direct traffic flow. They keep crowds at bay and cut off access to certain areas as needed. By changing the placement of the partitions and the ropes, crowd controllers can manipulate the traffic flow. The ropes can be used numerous times for multiple purposes.


Rope stanchions come in various heights and can be permanently placed on a track or moved and replaced whenever necessary. For the posts, you can choose between flat, taper, or crown post tops and a number of base selections, including flat, royal, or domed. The posts themselves can be made of either gold polished or mirror polished stainless steel. Spring belt clips come in either gold or mirror finish to match the posts. The bases have rubber floor protectors and these stanchions are easy to assemble for immediate use. The ropes come in different colors, designs, and finishes and can attach to walls or posts. You can choose the right color for your event. The ropes are available in luxurious velour or in nylon braided styles, which are made from solid construction and high quality materials.

Why Use Rope?

Stanchion ropes can be as simple and subdued or as loud and flashy as you want. They usually match the type of event you are having. When used in a bank, park, or store, the rope is a crowd control tool. The rope signified to visitors where they should go and they are easily managed. Rope also offers safety as a barrier or divider to keep people away from places, particularly dangerous areas. The rope visually shows people to stay away, which is especially important in warehouses and construction sites. On fancier occasions, velvet or velour ropes symbolize class, status, or importance and act as a barrier between the invited guests and the spectators.

The Classic Crown Control Barrier

The stanchion with the rope attached is most recognized. Several posts can be joined together with rope and the posts usually have heavy circular bases so that they are stable. Ropes attach to the posts with forged metal rings near the top. This type of stanchion is usually associated with high end events and more elegant places, such as hotels, museums, theaters, and galleries, but the decision to use a rope stanchion is up to the person who manages crowd control. Posts should be properly spaced from each other so there should be the right amount of slack in the rope. The rope center should hang at least two feet from the floor. If the posts are too close or the rope is too long, you risk having people trip. If the posts are too far apart or the rope is too short, the posts may become unstable.

Stanchion ropes are both practical and decorative, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. They help with crowd control and management, giving a visual cue to visitors on where they are supposed to go before they can enter a place, get their turn to be served, or be warned that an area is off-limits. Make sure to choose the right type of rope and stanchion for the event and the purpose, and make sure the spacing between posts is correct so that the rope hangs gracefully and elegantly while providing stability and safety.


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