Why Vein Experts Know Seeing a Vascular Doctor in NC is a Good Idea

By Nick Johnson Why Vein Experts Know Seeing a Vascular Doctor in NC is a Good Idea Custom Tag

The idea that varicose veins are only a cosmetic problem is a common misconception. In reality, vein disease symptoms vary from person to person from being very mild to being severe enough to greatly reduce quality of life. People with concerns about their risk or who need help managing their symptoms can start improving the outlook of their future vein health by scheduling an appointment at a varicose vein treatment center in NC to get an accurate diagnosis.


Ourvascular doctor in NC; a trained specialist in vascular health


It isn’t unusual for people who first recognize the symptoms of varicose veins to ask their primary physician for advice. Although all types of physicians have some degree of knowledge about the vascular system, only a specialist in this area of medicine has the in-depth knowledge needed to provide optimal treatment. Our vascular doctor in Winston-Salem has had a great deal of training and experience in the area of vascular medicine which makes them uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat patients on an individual basis.


In addition to having your vein health assessed, seeing a vein doctor in NC will help you prevent your condition from progressing into something that is more dangerous. Sometimes the pooling of blood in the legs can cause blood clots that may break loose and travel to major organs in the body. Deep vein thrombosis occurs when a blood clot develops in the deep veins where it can’t be detected on the skin’s surface. Pulmonary embolism is a life-threatening condition that results when a blood clot breaks free and travels to the lungs. A vascular doctor has the necessary equipment and knowledge of the vascular system to recognize signs and symptoms of complication caused by vein disease.


Who should visit a vascular doctor in Winston-Salem?


Varicose veins are most often the result of hereditary or pregnancy. Women who become pregnant may develop varicose veins for the first time or experience an increase in their severity due to an increase in hormones. In either case, it is important that they see a vein doctor in NC to get help in managing symptoms and preventing them from becoming worse. If you are experiencing symptoms of vein disease for the first time or if you are looking for a better way to manage your symptoms, the vascular doctors at Novant Health Vein Specialists (NHVS) will discuss your options for treatment with you and determine the best treatment plan for your condition.


No one should ever take a “wait-and-see-approach” to vein health or go to a doctor who lacks the expertise to make an accurate diagnosis. If you have signs or symptoms of vein disease or are concerned about your risk, schedule your appointment with a trusted vascular doctor in Winston-Salem who will work with you to achieve optimal vascular health. Call us today at 336-245-4890 and make sure you have the upper hand over your vein health.


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