Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit in Top Shape

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During the hot summer months, your air conditioner becomes a lifesaver. It also becomes the largest user of your electricity, increasing your electric bills by a significant amount. Regular maintenance and service of your HVAC system by a qualified repairman, such as those at Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc., extends the life of your unit and reduces the cost of running it. The following are a few tips for keeping your air conditioning unit in top shape so that you can always rely on it to cool you down even in the hottest of days.


Know the Signs for Repair


One of the most important features of keeping your air conditioning unit in top shape is to know the signs of a problem and act right away. As soon as you notice something that might mean your unit requires service or repairs, immediately call in professionals from a company like Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc, to take care of the problem. This not only keeps your system running, it also reduces the chance of any larger problem from occurring, such as any water damage to your home.


Some of the most common signs of repair include pools of water around the system, poor air flow, no cool air, odd odors and strange sounds. Some of these issues might be a small problem, but if you let it fester, it might lead to a much larger problem that ends up with you needing to replace the whole unit, increasing the cost to you.


Keep Up With Your Regular Maintenance Schedule


Regular maintenance service is one of the best ways to ensure that your HVAC system remains in the best shape. During this service, a repairman from Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc, will come and review your system. Part of the service is a thorough inspection of your unit. This helps to identify any weak points or places requiring repair. By replacing and repairing them early, you avoid a substantial repair cost in the future. The repairmen will also clean your unit, including the air filters and condensing coils. This helps to keep your system running at full capacity. Without regular cleaning, it is common to lose about 5 percent of the efficiency of your service each year.


Do Not Over-Cool Your Home


A simple way to keep your air conditioning system running without any problems is to not over use it. Keep your thermostat at a temperature that cools down the house but is not too cool. You do not want to severe a difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Setting it very low when you first turn it does not cool the home any faster, and it requires more effort from your system. This reduces the amount of work that your system has to do. It is also beneficial to use a programmable thermostat and increase the temperature anytime you are away from home and during the night. This also helps to save you money on your electricity bill during the summer months.


Following these three simple steps will help to keep your HVAC system in shape and reduce the running costs for you. There might be some expenses involved, but you still save overall without having to sacrifice your comfort.

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