9 Bridesmaid Do’s And Don’ts

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Well, from the dressing up with gorgeous wedding dresses in NYC to the activities of the final day, which is the wedding day, a bridesmaid needs to remember that it is still the bride’s day. The are some do’s and don’t that every bridesmaid should follow to complete the special day of the bride.Your role in the wedding does not just involve Champagne and Chiffon. It has more than that. Being a great bridesmaid takes time and effort. You have been chosen for the task since your bride thinks that you are better for the job. So here are some ways on how to go about the duty given to you:


1.       Understand Your Duties: Every Bride has different expectations from their maid of honor. Get a hold of what you are suppose to give. Keep in mind the time and dates that you need to be present beside the bride. Know what the bride envisions for her bachelorette party. If there is any money issue, keep the costs in mind and account everything.

2.       Assess Your Budget: To be a part of a wedding costs the bridesmaid too. You would need to pay for your dress, shoes, chipping in on the shower and bachelorette party, and buying gifts for the pre-wedding events and the big day too. So make sure you got the budget for it. You can take help for your dress from wedding dresses online.

3.       Don’t be afraid to say No: If you feel the commitment whether it is due to time or money, it is okay to politely decline.

4.       Step in when needed: Dress shopping, party planning, toast giving and shower hosting usually fall on the bridesmaid’s shoulders even if the bride asks other people to help.

5.       Search for Solutions: For every issue that comes up find a solution or just offer an alternative idea.

6.       Be honest with reason: If the bride asks you for your opinion on anything, be honest with her. But also know when not to express your thoughts, but that’s when you feel the feedback isn’t constructive.

7.       Keep Calm: Since weddings are really an emotional time, be a source of comfort and strength throughout the process. Make sure your involvement does not add stress.

8.       Be prepared: On the main day, don’t forget to get a sewing kit and a fashion tape. A lot of bridesmaid experience wardrobe malfunctions.

9.       Keep the Focus on the Bride: At the end of the day, remember it is not about you but your friend or sibling. So if it’s about choosing your dress from the gorgeous wedding dresses in NYC, seek her idea and approval for the choice you have made.

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