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Among the better San Diego free street fairs adams avenue san diego I've been to in a while.

Often these street events function booths selling you insurance and you get with a hot dog along with a funnel cake and pass by lots of vendors that make you go "Why do they have a booth here?” This particular fair was massive, spanning multiple blocks in Normal Heights and included lots of talented out-of-towner bands and suppliers, making it well worth my personal time.

There were multiple stages rocking concurrently with different bands/singers (over 100 acts based on the event Web site! ), including local bands such as the Burning of Rome and Cash'd Away (SD's famed Johnny Cash include band) and singer songwriters such as Kenny Eng and Rob Deez. My street fair companion and I spent the majority of our time listening to the actual Kinsey Report, which flew within from Chicago, and watching seniors around us dance to their own excellent blues/funk sound.

The shopping vendors were much better than average, with several in adams street fair san diego outside San Diego. There was an up cycled jeweler booth (think: typewriter buttons and bullet shells converted to necklaces), lots of skull/Day from the Dead inspired art. There had been a booth selling wine as well as liquor bottle windchimes -- a good LA artist cooked bottles from 1200 degrees then smooshed all of them down flat. My favorite vendor was the actual Silly Yeti booth which drew in a lot of girls for the adorably distinctive screen printed one-size-fits-all tanks and also the groovy hippie-ish bags made through recycled materials including burlap grain bags. I've been looking for Silly Yeti since I bought a bag from the consignment shop in Solana Beach that no more carries them.

There was a good adjacent carnival, with a separate $2 admission simply to get in, and lots of rickety county-fair-like rides to attract the inner kid in a person. As I reacted in terror inside my companion's suggestion (and my terror doubled when I remembered that my companion is really a pilot, and therefore afraid of absolutely that people jump onto the tallest, scariest trip with two long arms dogging like crossing pendulums, my companion convinced me instead to take Round Up: the ride that spins you around just like a sock inside a washing machine after which cranes out and upwards just like a cherry picker to swing you around as long as you're spinning and now sideways as well as staring down at tiny people on the floor. So nice that centripetal force kept us in position; my throat is still aching from screaming.

san diego adams avenue is underwritten by a special grant by the city of San Diego’s Economic Development & Tourism Support program, as well as a grant from the County of San Diego. Special thanks to the Normal Heights United Methodist Church & the Kensington Club for underwriting costs associated with this year’s Unplugged headliner artists.

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