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Decorative mailboxes allow homeowners to show off their design tastes through an everyday functional item. They enhance the exterior of a home, providing security to personal correspondence while adding style and interest. Look for elegant residential mailboxes that are made from quality, hard-wearing materials. They should be easy to install and maintain, provide security against theft, and be watertight to prevent moisture from reaching your mail.


Design Options


Before making any decisions about changing a mailbox location from the front door to the curb, or vice versa, you must request permission from the postal service. Decide whether you prefer easy access to your mail by your door or want a curbside box away from your home. With scheduled property additions, such as a fence or a new wall, you might wish to consider mailbox positioning. Contemplate whether the mailbox should blend with the architecture or stand out in size and color. Envision the mailbox color possibilities, such as matching house colors and other home accessories or going for contrast instead. Don’t forget about the material of the mailbox, which needs to withstand weather conditions and rust. Consider a few of the main types of mailboxes below:


Mail Slot


Some homes may have the mail slot, which is either a horizontal or a vertical slot that is cut through the middle or lower half of a front door. The slot is typically covered by a flap or by an outside, weatherproofed seal. Sometimes, there is an interior flap which protects mail from the elements and a box or a cage mounted on the inside to accumulate the delivered mail. The mail slot is usually found on older homes and is less common in contemporary housing.

Wall Mount


The wall mount style of mailbox is generally installed near a front door or beside a gate. It should be mounted on a wall, under roof eaves. This mailbox type should not be installed in an open area, particularly where direct and driving rain is likely to enter the box. These residential mailboxes are an excellent alternative to mail slots and are located closer to a home’s front door for convenience. Wall mount mailboxes are typical in suburban or older urban areas.


Post Mount


Post mount mailboxes are generally positioned at curbside. The box is placed on a post, which is installed in the ground, in front of a house. These are seen in rural and suburban areas and have large receptacles to hold large quantities of mail. The decorative choices are plentiful, including customization by lettering, color, and the type of post coordinated with it. The posts may be as simple or as ornate as you wish.


By upgrading residential mailboxes, you enhance the curb appeal of your residence. Whether you choose a post mounted or a wall mounted mailbox, there are many styles, sizes, and colors to select from. Go with what best represents your architectural tastes and style as well as your personal aesthetic. Mailboxes are primarily meant to be resilient and practical, but they can also be attractive and interesting.

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