Are Cutting Trees to Improve Solar Panel Performance Worthy?

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If you've ever noticed an advertising board with Save Earth motto, you'll find tagline with either Go Green or Plant Trees. All the initiatives for protecting the environment rotate around on cutting down the carbon footprints and it is almost riotous that the two top ways of doing so are at conflict. Thinking what are the two ways? 1. Planting trees and 2. Going Solar.

Many people today combat over the fact that does it ever make sense to cut a tree for solar energy in Kansas City? And the answer is yes, shocking!! I agree that this is not an easy decision, in this article you will find why I answered yes.

In most cases, you can go solar with some minor tree trimming work if you leave in an area where there are fewer trees around your premises but for those who live with trees have to do a lot of sacrifice. This might be guilty but every good thing needs a little sacrifice. And the good news is that you can enjoy great benefits of removing trees to install solar. Here's how it works: As per the American Forests, “One tree stores nearly 0.5 metric tons of CO2 in its lifetime. And we'll assume that the net reduction is as low as removing the tree while switching to solar. Also, we need to take the CO2 emission involved in manufacturing the solar panels into account. For example, generating a typical 5kWh solar system releases nearly 10 metric tons of CO2, so the overall CO2 emissions related with cutting one tree and installing a solar power system are about 10.5 metric tons.”

This might seem a lot at first but when you calculate the CO2 emission you'll offset by having solar from fossil fuels, it is not that much higher. The solar panel you install generates at least 6000 kWh of electricity a year and lasts up to 25 years. This clearly shows that you will generate over 150,000 kWh of emissions-free electricity i.e. 103 metric tons of CO2 offsets over the life of the solar systems! This shows that cutting a tree for a solar system is very effective and beneficial for the environment.

Both trees and solar are reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and fighting to reduce global warming. While trees directly absorb CO2 and breathe out oxygen and on the other hand, solar panels don't but remove these emissions from the atmosphere and produce neither CO2 nor O2. Instead solar energy in Kansas City submissively reduces the demand of fossil-fuel-produced energy in favor of a clean alternative.

The article explains about the necessity of Kansas City solar panels in every home and businesses. The author here debates on trees vs. solar energy with a simple math and finally concludes the most effective one. Read now,

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