Tips for Teaching Your Child to Swim

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Summertime is here, and that means it’s time to think about swimming lessons. Teaching your children how to swim is important if you spend any time around water. The time you should start your child in swimming lessons really depends on several factors, but if you think the time has come, then you should look into getting him or her into lessons. If you are hoping to have your child swimming by the end of summer, then here are some swimming lessons tips.


Hire Someone


You probably already know how to swim, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are the best person to teach your child. Trained instructors have many different techniques and strategies to ensure your child learns what they need to know to swim properly. This can also be helpful if your child is nervous about knowing how to swim. It may seem more reassuring to have you as his or her parent teach them, but the truth is trained instructors have a lot of experience in dealing with anxious swimmers. Their techniques can help put children at ease, which can make the lessons go much more smoothly.


Go in the Water With Them


One of the best swimming teaching tips for a parent with a nervous child is to get in the water with them. Before the lessons, see if you can familiarize your child with the pool. This could include spending some time in the shallow end. If your child has never been in a pool before, then carrying him or her can be a good start. When your children see you in the pool, it helps put their mind at ease. Exposing them to the water a little bit before their swimming lessons can help reduce the fear and anxiety that many children experience around water.


No Floating Devices


This might seem strange, but it’s best to avoid the floating devices if you are teaching your child how to swim. Of course, this doesn’t apply if your instructor has recommended devices to help your child learn to swim. Kicking boards, for example, can help your child learn the proper kicking technique which can be highly beneficial while he or she is learning how to swim.


Teach Basics


This may seem obvious as far as swimming teaching tips, but it’s best to start with the basics when your child is learning how to swim. Things like going under water, learning basic strokes, and simply being in the pool are good ways to start the lesson. If you have hired an instructor, then you may notice that he or she starts off very simple the first couple lessons. As your child learns, the lessons will probably start to get more advanced, but the first couple of lessons should be pretty straightforward.


These swimming teaching tips can help your child learn how to swim, which will keep him or her safe around bodies of water. Hiring an instructor is your best bet to ensure your child learns everything he or she needs to. This can especially help for children who are nervous or afraid of the water. Sign your child up for swimming lessons today so that you can rest a little easier when you are at the pool.

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