The Right Cigar

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Choose the right cigar for you, based on how it tastes, looks, and feels. The cigar should feel solid and have a little give, so find the middle ground between soft and firm. An ideal cigar looks greasy and smooth. Do not purchase cigars that appear to be unraveling or falling apart. Avoid blemishes and spots as these may be indications of mold or bacteria in the tobacco leaves. Also, the cigar must be properly rolled, not too loose or too tightly, because this affects the taste. Buy cigars online from a reputable resource. Cigars will vary in taste, pricing, and availability.


When It’s Made Well


Cigars should be made well and contain excellent tobacco. The tobacco and the construction should both be consistent. The best cigar producers create their cigars precisely almost every time. A well-made cigar has good aroma and flavor. Underfilled cigars draw easily but may cause hot burning and harshness. Overfilled cigars are very difficult to draw upon. As a result, these cigars have low volumes of smoke, reduced taste and aroma, and intensified frustration. A cigar that is rolled well burns evenly to the end. The cigar itself should feel robust and stable in your mouth and the cigar ash should be firm.




Tobacco should be properly aged. If the tobacco has not been properly aged, you may experience heartburn in your chest or have harshness or bitterness on your tongue, lips, and the rest of your mouth. An old cigar will also keep going out and needs to be constantly lit up. The best cigars are characteristically aged between six to ten years to be at their peak condition. When you buy cigars, be careful not to store them for too long since they will eventually lose their potency. They will also dry out if they are not properly stored. While humidors can keep your cigars in good condition indefinitely, it’s recommended that cigars are not stored for more than ten years.


Additional Factors


Choose a cigar with a large ring gauge, which indicates fuller-flavored cigars for a smoother and slower smoke. Large ring gauge cigars are usually selected by cigar connoisseurs while small ring gauge cigars have little tobacco and are usually produced by cigar apprentices who are learning their trade. Small cigars are often the choice of beginners, who move up to larger sizes as they become experienced and familiar. Do not inhale and control how much time the cigar spends in the mouth. Less time is better. The country of origin for the cigar is also a major factor, with Cuban tobacco being the most coveted, and other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua, providing other popular options.


Buy cigars from a premium cigar retailer who can offer you a good range of high quality international options. Be sure to have the proper humidor and any additional accessories you’ll need to properly store and prepare the cigars. Go to an online cigar store where you can make informed choices, try different brands and types, and increase your familiarity.

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