A Vein Expert in the Washington DC Metro Area Lists Questions You Should Ask Your Vein Doctor

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During your first visit at one of the best vein centers in Washington DC, Dr. Hamza Rana will ask you a number of questions to help him assess your venous health. For example, he may ask you about any symptoms you may be experiencing, and about your health history, but he will also ask questions about your family's health history, because vein disease is hereditary. He will also perform a number of tests, and will then present his findings to you. At that point, however, there are a number of questions that you will want to ask him.


"So…are my symptoms due to vein disease, or not?"


Naturally, this is the first question you should probably ask, because determining the answer was the reason you saw a vein doctor in the first place. Chances are that if you have noticed overt symptoms such as varicose veins or spider veins, the answer will be "Yes." But if the symptoms that worried you were more subtle, such as weakness in your legs or swelling in your lower extremities, there could be many other possible causes. This is your opportunity to find out for sure, and to ask follow-up questions based on the answer.


"If I don't have vein disease currently, can you help me prevent it?"


An important thing to remember is that if your vein expert in the Washington DC metro area finds that you don't have vein disease currently, that doesn't mean that you're "off the hook." He may find, for example, that you exhibit a number of risk factors that mean you have a higher-than-normal likelihood of developing vein disease in the future. Many of these risk factors – your age, your gender, and whether vein disease runs in your family – you can't change. But other risk factors – whether you smoke, whether you are overweight, how much exercise you get, and how many hours a day you spend sitting – are within your control, and you can lower your overall risk by doing something about them. This is your opportunity to discuss possible lifestyle changes with your doctor and learn ways that you can lower your overall vein disease risk.


"If I do have vein disease, what are my treatment options?"


This will probably be the most important question you can ask, because there may be many different treatment options, each with its own merits. For example, if you have varicose veins, your treatment options can range from conservative treatment (diet, exercise, and wearing compression stockings) to treatments that actually remove the swollen veins permanently. Your doctor will present the options that are best for your condition, and help you decide which to choose.


This is your opportunity to ask important follow-up questions such as "How long will this type of treatment take?" or "Will it provide only a temporary solution or a permanent one?" or "Will the procedure be painful?" And of course the most important question, "How long will it be before I see results?"


Finally, you should ask, "What happens if I decide to delay treatment?"


From our point of view as specialists in vein disease treatment in Washington DC, this is one of the most important questions a patient should ask. You may be tempted to decide not to pursue any of the treatment options presented to you, and that is your right, but at the same time you should know what the consequences of that decision will be. Left untreated, vein disease doesn't magically go away or "get better on its own" – it gets worse.


Whatever your questions, Dr. Rana is there to answer them for you


One of the reasons we're considered one of the best vein centers in Washington DC is our focus on patient education, and making sure that we answer all questions our patients have for us. So don't be shy about asking – pick up your telephone and give us a call at 301-637-3088 and make an appointment to come in and ask us any questions you might have.



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Dr. Hamza Rana, medical director of a Vein Expert In Washington DC Metro Area Metro Area, discusses the latest advances in vein disease treatment.

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