How to Make Your Commercial Real Estate Acquisition a Grand Success

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Buying commercial real estate in Yangon is an expensive responsibility and business owners need to do their homework on every step of the way. Without proper planning, you can face problems including inefficient layout, unexpected construction costs, mechanical and engineering problems, shared facility issues and unfair commercial terms. Each type of commercial property comes with unique challenges and it is best to use the services of a professional real estate advisor, such as Slade Property Services, to guide you through the process.

Even though you hire an advisor, you must be aware of a few vital factors to make your commercial real estate acquisition a grand success.

Know the Benefits of Real Estate Investment

Real estate is an attractive alternative to keeping money in a bank. In a bank account you simply make interest – which is seen as a safe and highly liquid investment. However, you can generate significant rental income from real estate that will give you a yield of 8% or higher in this market. As well as rental return, your property is likely to appreciate in value as the Myanmar economy grows over time, so you can enjoy rental income and capital return when you sell the asset.


Location is an important factor that businesses consider when locating their commercial premises. You must choose a location where you are able to lease the property out to an end-user that will benefit from good local amenities, car parking, prominent visibility form main roads, good views and good accessibility to other businesses or main infrastructure, such as the airport.

Plan your Action

For a commercial real estate deal in Yangon, it is beneficial to set parameters as a top priorities. Check how much you can afford to buy. Who are your key target end-users? How many tenants are already paying rent? How much space do you need to fill? All these justify the amount you spend. If you are investing a large amount of money, what financing packages are available to you?

Limitation on Exterior/Interior Alterations and Parking Facility

There are likely to be limits to the alterations you can make to the property based on YCDC regulations or building covenants. It is important to understand during the acquisition process what alterations you are able to make to the property. Also check the space for car parking. It is recommended to check that the building has sufficient internal car parking, in a basement or multi-storey car park, or surface on-street car parking, not only for your tenants but also for your tenants’ clients or customers so that they can park easily whenever they attend a meeting in your tenants’ premises.

Get Help from Experts

In real estate transactions in Yangon, tax implications can be complex. So better to seek help of advisors who know the ins and outs of real estate deals. They will judge whether the purchase is considered a corporate or personal transaction. Other issues include transition financing, succession planning and decisions on how assets will be assigned when the asset is sold.

Before buying your commercial real estate, you must go through the above steps to make your transaction is a safe one. Real estate investment is the same as other high value investments, so ensure you hire a qualified real estate advisor, such as Slade Property Services and seek all types of help from them during the process.

About the author: Hugo Slade is Managing Director and founder of Slade Property Services. He is an RICS Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer. He has lived and worked in Myanmar since 2013, and has extensive real estate experience in Vietnam, China and the United Kingdom.

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