Breast Pumps Selection Does Not Have To Be Difficult

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Giving birth to a child and raising it to the adulthood is one of the most difficult jobs around. No one understands this than the mother. Thank God that at least some parts are becoming easier by the day. One among these is breastfeeding. Those that were not able to undertake this crucial affair can do it easily these days with the availability of breast pumps and the related insurance that makes it completely free of cost. You not only get a helping hand to make this the easy process but also receive it all expenses paid. What could be better than this kind of arrangement? Numerous options available today to the buyers with variations related to,


  • suction settings
  • countless cycles
  • related sizes
  • single/double setup
  • power source
  • related prices

Naturally, this can make the choices confusing. Some of the major considerations before you go on to buy the equipment related to the age of your baby. You also need to think about the kind of employment are involved in. Is this a part-time or full-time job? Will you get any kind of support from the work environment? You also need to consider the available health insurance and the breast pump expenses especially when the insurance does not cover the equipment.


The difference in the prices relate to the motor durability, manufacturer’s warranty, personal amenities, single/double setup, and the packaging style among others. With so much information to choose from, lactation consultation is a good way to make up your mind. Here is a look at the different factors separately.


a)      Price factor: naturally, a price of pumps of hospital grade is more to those available for personal use by mothers. Based upon the related accessories that you choose to purchase the prices will vary further. While you can even rent the Philips Breast Pump if you want, purchasing the accessories becomes necessary. This includes breast flanges, bottles, and tubes. If you are planning to continue breastfeeding for several months, it makes sense to purchase one instead of renting the same.


b)      Power source: when it comes to the milk production, the electrical varieties tend to give you the maximum output. Battery-operated varieties are also effective even if the expression is less to its electrical counterparts such as Philips Avent Breast Pump. Finally, the manual pumps will facilitate minimal expressions. In some pumps, car adapters may also be there. If you are nonworking mother, hand operated varieties or the battery-operated ones may work quite well. When purchasing, it is important to look at the associated motor warranties.


c)       Single/double pumping: bilateral pumping speed is quick with per minute greater cycles and powerful machines. Such equipments apply more pressure for expression of higher milk quantities within much less time than single pumping varieties. For example, while using double pumps, you may express the milk you need within 10 min. Doing the same with the single pumps will require 15-20 min. This happens because one has to switch breasts every 5 min with single pumps.


Whether you are considering Philips Avent Comfort Electric Breast Pump or any other variety, these factors are most important.


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