What Do You Face During Basement Remodeling

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Want to increase the space of your home? Then you must go with basement remodeling. Either transform your basement to a gym or game room. Basement remodeling offers a high return on investment 69% and it adds valuable living space without increasing the footprint of your home. But the only bad thing about this transformation is that, homeowners face different challenges during this process. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to go with it, there are solutions. Here you’ll find the challenges you face during basement remodeling in Denver and tips to rectify them.

Challenge#1 – Poor Lightning

We know that a basement living space is darker unless your home has larger windows or sliding patio door. And to achieve brightness in basement, you have to maximize the ceiling height. But ductworks and low beams make this a challenge. However, there are solutions for this. Hire a remodeling contractor to rework the layout, moving the lowest sections of the unfinished area. He can also help by replacing a low beam with something higher.

Challenge #2 – Basement Pillars

To make your basement a perfect get together spot, you have to think about the location of pillars. They are the part of your structure and cannot be simply removed for. It holds the weight of your home and removing them requires redesign of the support system. So better to talk with your remodeling contractor and find solutions to tackle this.

Challenge #3 – Obnoxious Smell

Basement is the place for mold growth causing musty odor which is a sure sign of moisture issue. It needs a lot of effort to deal with this problem and this must be tackled before your contractor starts the remodeling process. Here are a few tips that can help you remove this moisture:

- Locate the source of the problem

- Schedule an inspection for mold remediation and determine the level of harmful mold in your living space

- Follow their instructions to repair moisture issues

Once you solve the moisture problem, ask your basement remodeling contractor in Denver Co to check the basement.

Challenge #4 – Cracks in the Foundation Walls/Flooring

Cracks are common in a basement but it should not cause any serious issues after remodeling. Some cracks seems to be in an alligator pattern and some very small to find. Pay attention to the condition of the cracks and talk with your contractor. They will surely find a solution for this.

You can combat with the above challenges easily with the help of a basement remodeling contractor in Denver.

The author is a knowledgeable and experienced writer who was a basement remodeling contractor in Denver. In this article, he explains about the challenges you have to face during basement remodeling and alerts you to be prepared.

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