Healthy Ways to Take Care of your Dental Implants

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Maintenance of dental implants is a confusing affair. Should they be flossed and brushed similar to regular teeth? How often I need to visit a dentist after dental implants? Dental implants are made from synthetic materials, so they are not impacted by tooth decay. However, gum health is vital for long-term implant success. But how will you maintain a good gum health? Here are the guidelines to be followed after cheap dental implants in Sydney;

- Don’t eat anything until anaesthetic has worn off and have only cold drinks. Avoid hot foods and drinks on the first day and never swill liquid over the area. Never disturb the area with your tongue.

- You may experience swelling or bruising for two to three days following your treatment. This is common with dental implants and will subside naturally after a few days. You can use ice packs for swelling. Hold on the cheek area for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time with 20 minutes break.

- On the day of the surgery, use mouthwash to clean your mouth in the evening and continue it for one week. This is a must to clean bacteria. You should gently bathe the surgical site by holding approximately 15ml over the site for at least 1 minute, 3 times a day, for 7 days.

- Also start cleaning your other teeth as normal with a toothbrush on the evening of your surgery. Avoid brushing the surgical site for the first few days.

- Take a cup of hot water with a teaspoon of salt and use it as a mouthwash. But make sure that the solution is not too hot and then hold it over the surgical site until it cools. Continue this for four or five days.

- Try to keep food away from the surgical area and after eating, rinse your moth thoroughly. And remember, you should not smoke until the wound is completely healed.

- Floss daily to remove bacteria and plaque from the surface of your dentures through brushing. It removes debris build up that forms between your teeth. Flossing also prevents bad breath.

- Consult your dentist twice a year to prevent any decay or disease of the teeth & gums.

Affordable dental implants in Sydney are the permanent solution for missing teeth. But remember, even artificial teeth need special care similar to your natural teeth to keep its glow same for years. Follow these instructions very carefully and have a healthy smile.

The author of this article is a knowledgeable and experienced dentist. He has done many affordable dental implants in Sydney. He is also a blogger and fond of writing about dental implants.

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