A New Orleans Vein Specialist Explains How to Get Quality Treatment for Your Vein Disease When You're On a Tight Budget

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It's really sad to learn that the major factor that keeps many people from getting the medical treatment they need for their varicose veins is misinformation. They know that their swollen and discolored veins are unattractive, and if they've been trying to "live with" varicose veins for some time, they know that they're harming their overall health – making them weak and tired and causing chronic pain.


But even knowing all of this, these people still don't see a New Orleans vein specialist and seek treatment because they've come to believe the misinformation – that varicose veins are merely a "cosmetic problem," and that treating them would be considered "cosmetic surgery." Therefore they assume that treatment would be classed as "elective" by their health insurance companies, and they never even try to get the treatment they need.


Don't believe the misinformation – varicose veins are a real medical problem


Varicose veins are much more than just a cosmetic inconvenience – they are the surface symptoms of a very real disease that – left untreated – can very quickly escalate and make your life miserable. Untreated varicose veins don't get better on their own or magically go away – they get worse, and lead to side effects that can leave you effectively disabled and unable to walk. Worse, every day you leave your varicose veins untreated, the underlying disease that causes them is increasing your risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and stroke.


Chances are your insurance WILL cover treatment of varicose veins


Because the link between varicose veins and the debilitating side effects they cause is so established by medical science, many health insurers consider their treatment a legitimate, non-elective medical condition. This is especially true when they are accompanied by symptoms such as pain, ulceration, changes in skin color or texture, or the presence of phlebitis, so you should NOT assume you'll have to pay for all treatments yourself.

Therefore, if you are looking for a Louisiana vein doctor, you should NOT search based on what you think treatment will cost you financially. You should base your decision on the doctor's credentials, experience, and training, not on price. Once you have found the physician you feel is the best vein doctor in Louisiana, trust them – they will be able to work with you and with your insurance company to find the best way to pay for the treatments you need, at the lowest possible cost. An experienced doctor like Dr. Randall S. Juleff can often work with your insurance provider to find ways to cover or finance your treatment.So don't deny yourself the treatment you need – call today to find out the facts. Give us a call at 985-892-2950 and let the experts at La Bella Vita Laser and Vein Center help to improve your appearance and your health.



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