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When you are thinking about giving a unique gift a lot of thought needs to be put into it. Thankfully there are a number of options available nowadays which will enable you to get proper gifts which mean something. One very interesting gift item that one can go for is a music box. Now you need to know that music boxes are of different kids. There are a variety of them in shapes and sounds. However there are four main categories of music boxes.

Mandolin Music Boxes

Similar to a violin in terms of the four strings which this music box includes the mandolin music box gives of a romantic sound. The resulting sound lingers in the air for awhile and these music boxes are extremely popular in today’s culture. This kind of music boxes are great for any kind of music box collector since it displays unique carvings and designs on the box and the tunes are vary.

Piccolo Music Box

Piccolo music boxes are special in the case that their sound is one octave higher than most other music boxes. Tough not many people find it appealing due to the shrill music bits many people are increasingly fond of such music boxes. Some of these boxes are also made with a harmony arrangement which is accompanied by the high pitched notes making the sound more entertaining and pleasant.

Orchestra Music Box

The orchestra music box includes a number of various instruments which ensure that you get the complete package. Most of such music boxes make for a great Musical Gift due to it including sounds of the bells, drums, and organ. Also then sounds are interchangeable. Special editions may also include a dancer most often a ballerina on top of the box which moves with the music.

Revolver Music Box

One of the most unique music boxes in the world the revolver music box is rare and is sought after worldwide. This music box type was invented by Amedee Paillard in 1870. The box consists of a set of cylinders which is fixed on a rotating shaft which allows anyone to be brought into contact with the comb. The number of cylinders can vary from box to box. Also this may be a bit more expensive as a gift.

Music boxes have long been seen as a source of elegance and love. When you gift a woman a music box you can rightly say that it resembles something personal which is sure to uplift the mood of the receiver. With music boxes becoming a great trend in the past few decades they won’t cost you much either. For instance You Are My Sunshine Music Box can be bought at very affordable rates. Although when you buy it makes sure they are from a reputed maker or a seller as unknown faulty music boxes are also sold at cheap rates to entice buyers. When you think about Unique Gifts for Women a music box is the best option you got.

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