How to prepare your walls before applying paint?

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Many people hire commercial painting company to paint their commercial property.  It is always better to know the preparation necessary to apply paint on the surface.  Since it is a commercial property, no need to say that there will be expensive furniture and other accessories like computer hardware and products that may be highly sensitive for dust and dirt.  Therefore if possible it is better to remove everything is removable.  There will be some of immovable machinery that is not portable and fixed to the ground.  They should be covered properly until painting work completes.  In fact commercial companies are experts and they know how to prepare the surface before they apply the paint.  This preparation is of high importance to obtain better painted surface, glow and uniformity. 


The company ensures all their working staffs wears safety goggles and old clothes, preferably the clothes specifically kept apart to wear while painting.  It is necessary to avoid and escape from paint splashing.


Remove the old paint, remove the dust and dirt and clean the walls by using vacuum cleaners and towel.  Paying attention to cleanliness at each and every stage or is preferable to ensure the quality of the work.  Even though painting over exterior and interior remains same, higher attention is paid to get quality and premium outcome.  Prepare the surface by filling all the dents, finish the surface and make it smooth and succulent so that finishing can be very good and appealing.  Proper preparation is the key to success in any painting project. Same principles holds good in case of commercial exterior painting as well and it is always best to clean and prepare the surface. 


Use proper accessories so that the preparation of the surface made easy.  Use paint scrappers to remove the paint flakes, and cracks.  Fill the surface using putties, or suitable fillers, if there are plaster bumps or any such imperfections remove them sandpaper.  If wider areas are necessary to prepare like this, then it is necessary to use machine sander.  Smaller areas are prepared manually using sand paper. 


Prepare space suitably by arranging essential materials in such a way that paint application should be easier, faster and comfortable.  Use suitable material like moping clothes to remove paint splatter and wipe out any dust that would have settled on the wooden furniture.  If necessary use vacuum cleaner to get good results.  Pay attention to remove cobwebs and dust accumulation around window sills, window frames, drapes and nooks and corners. 


One can also use paper to cover the entire floor surface and it is the cheapest and best method to save time consumed in cleaning.  Since it is easily disposable, it is better to use paper than any other material.  Apply primer as a base coat and then start finishing the painting process. Preferably two to three coats are used to get proper finish and aesthetic appearance.  After finishing the painting, to give complete clean look, it is necessary to clean floor as well using plain water. 




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