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Beach fashion isn’t just about bathing suits, bikinis, and flip-flops. There are so may other aspects to beach fashion, and they are all just as fun to explore and indulge in! If you plan on spending a great deal of time on the beach this summer, or if you plan to take a warm holiday in a tropical climate during the fall or winter months, you should consider adding a few other pieces to your beach wardrobe. Fortunately, brands like Maaji Swimsuits offer a number of sarongs, dresses, cover-ups, shorts skirts, and even pants to wear on the beach with your bathing suit.

Wearing your bathing suit is great in the pool, lake, or ocean, but sometimes when you are out of the water and spending time on the beach or boardwalk, you want to make more of a fashion statement. This can be tough to do in a small piece of spandex. Of course there are the classic beach accessories: sunglasses, floppy hats, large totes, and sandals. You can always rely on those to add a little something to your outfit, but why not go a bit further? Brands like Maaji Swimsuits can help you to really have fun with your beach fashion (after all, summer is all about having fun!) and add a personal touch. Why not throw on a printed sarong for an exotic look? Or if your style is a bit sportier, you can throw on a pair of shorts and hit the volleyball net. Looking to make a feminine, flirty fashion statement? Why not throw a floral cotton dress over top of your suit? If you are looking for something a bot more bold or unique to emphasize your flair for fashion, you can throw on a pair of fashion-forward harem pants in a beach-friendly fabric. Brands like Maaji Swimsuits have all of these options readily available.

All of the fun beach outfits that brands like Maaji Swimsuits are carrying have a purpose beyond making a fashion statement. Many of these pieces are quite functional as well. As more and more people turn to spray tanning and other safer methods of tanning, protection form the sun is becoming increasingly important to people. A long, loose cover-up made of lightweight cotton will protect your skin from sun damage, and will also keep you cool (as long as the material is light and loose). In some tropical areas, the sun sets early and there can be a bit of a chill in the air in the late afternoon and early evening. Putting on a pair of beach pants will warm you up and make those evening walks on the beach more enjoyable and fashionable! Who can argue with that?

Going to the beach is an opportunity to show off your personal style in a new way. Making a beach fashion statement is easier when you have accessories and clothing other than bathing suits to work with. Brands like Maaji Swimsuits are making it easier and easier to take your personal style to the beach with you.


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