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There are times when you want to liquidate your asset at a short notice and after hunting precariously for estate sale service you end up with convoluted contract and a loss that’s unrecoverable. Such an experience can leave you with not just a financial loss but also a loss of faith in people and services. Choosing a reliable estate sale service can be a tricky business. Only a dependable team of people with years of substantial experience can handle asset liquidation effectively and timely. Windsong Estate Services can be the end to your search. At striving for client satisfaction is the motto for each individual. Windsong Estate service is a family owned firm that’s nearly three decades old. Because of being a family enterprise and a longstanding experience we value people’s sentiments and plans for their assets. We are probably the estate sale service that properly catalogues all the items under liquidation process. We make a proper inventory, create unique bar codes for each article and create befitting price tags for them.


Once the sales process is complete we present a proper estate sales report in print to our client that holds all the sold items along with the sale price. Windsong is known for its transparency as we share all the activities covered under the liquidation process. Our dependability is evident from the very fact that even after three decades of being in the business Windsong’s client base has only increased, so much so that today it is one of the top estate sale services in the country.   Our skill is not just limited to preparing your assets for sale. We also strive that you get the best value for your each of your items. We make sure that the information about sale is available to maximum people and for that we use all possible media sources like papers, mailers, radio, social media etc. To add to that our aggressive marketing style gets you the maximum buyers. We are undoubtedly the best when it comes to representing seller information. We are experienced in dealing with variety of articles from antiques, personal belongings to assets in all shapes and sizes.


Estate Sales is not a child’s play even for an experienced firm like us. We like to take everything professionally and sincerely. We do not try to haste things up; we’d rather take our time in fetching you the best worth for your treasured articles. We provide our clients with a free ‘no obligation’ consultation with our experts and even a free ‘on-site’ consultation. Be it a personal estate, non-profit or a business, we deal in all kinds of estate sales. From the very basic preparations like item displaying to more complex processes like fetching suitable buyers we stay committed till the end. Our charging process is absolutely transparent and is as easy to understand as ABC. At we believe in the simplification of processes. Our client’s peace of mind and satisfaction is our target for each day and we almost always achieve it!




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