Rustproof Coats - The perfect Defense against Rust

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Whether you own a brand new car or your car is a few years old; there are aspects of any terrain that can truly test the strength of integrity of your vehicle. All cars are made of steel or its compound, and steel is an alloy of iron. With climatic fluctuation, temperature rises and drops, humidity and saline solutions being a part of the atmosphere, your vehicle can be the host of quite a set of unfavorable chemical reactions which can lead to corrosion of body parts due to rust. Rust can be a huge issue and here are five reasons why you should take rustproofing seriously:

1. Your Undercarriage is Most Unprotected: Your undercarriage is the one part of your vehicle that is most overlooked and unprotected. Rust in your undercarriage can spread like a rash, and it can cause your vehicle to crumble from its inside.

2. Uneven Terrain and Ground Contact: Uneven terrain, especially off road terrain which can contain all form of gravel and dirt can be a huge threat to your vehicle. Sometimes ground clearance can be challenging, and your vehicle might get a few bumps and scratches on the underside. What this does is scratch off the factory coat of wax and opens an area to harbor rust in your undercarriage.

3. Ice Control Chemicals: If you live in cold places where snow and ice falls are frequent, then chances are your undercarriage is being worked on by some strong chemicals. Ice and snow control agents are deposited on the roads, to make them dissolve and melt faster. When you cruise along these roads, your undercarriage is subject to a spray of these chemicals in the form of melted ice.

4. Temperature Fluctuations and Humidity: Humidity and moisture can be a huge catalyst for rust. If you live in tropical areas with quite a bit of rainfall and humidity, then it would be wise to use a rust proofing spray as soon as you buy your car since it can start rusting in no time.

5. Spot Welding: Cars these days use “Galvannealed” steel to prevent rust. But when you do spot welding as part of your maintenance, the zinc coating around the area is melted off, and this can lead to an unprotected area where rust can build.

The writer is the owner of a popular chain of car maintenance stores. With close to two decades of experience in rustproofing and other repair works, he writes for popular automotive e-magazines.

By Efrain Rivas October 8, 2013 10:23 Custom Tag