Beat the Clock with Next Day Printing

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No matter what business you’re in, things never go strictly on schedule. You’ll run into times when printed material needs to go somewhere in a hurry, but getting a print order ready on a regular time frame is impossible. The good news is that next day printing services in Dallas are an email or a phone call away. However, you may be wondering if next day printing really means “next day.” A few simple questions to ask your printing service will set you on the right path.


When Must I Place My Order?


Since you’re placing a next day printing order, time matters a lot, not just what day you place it, but also the hour of the day. For some companies, if you place an order too late, perhaps in the late afternoon or evening, the printing job could be delayed a day or two. There are printing companies that have a specific hour that you must place the order by to get the printing done by the next day. If this information is not available on the company website, be sure to ask when you make your phone call.

When and How Does It Ship?


Ideally, your printing job goes out on the next day. If you still have concerns, the good news is that the shipping stage can afford you a greater degree of control. Ask the printing company what shipping service they use, or if you can name the carrier. Next day printing services in Dallas that allow you to control shipping means you can use the U.S. Postal Service or a private shipping company. This will come in handy if you have a pre-existing arrangement with a carrier, as it can allow you to expedite the process.


Can I Pick Up My Order?


If your printing company is local, by all means ask if you or an employee can drive to the company to pick up the prints in person. This will ensure that your prints are in your hand the next day from putting in the order, saving you the uncertainty of mailing or shipping. Also, in the event of bad weather between you and your printing company, it is advisable to find Dallas next day printing services in a location that you can easily get to so a print order will not be delayed. Use an internet search to find the best and shortest route.


When Does It Arrive?


If you still wish to have your prints shipped, try to get an estimated arrival day. When your prints show up depends on the shipping service used. You can usually find out the shipping time by going to the U.S. Postal website or a site of a private carrier. Enter the location of the printing company and your own, along with the shipping weight and the service you selected, such as priority or express mail. This will be helpful especially if you get to pick the mode of shipping.


With a few easy questions, you’ll be able to set up a timetable for urgent next day printing services in Dallas, easing your concerns and steering clear of potential problems, ensuring that you will get your prints on your desk when you need them.


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