Play it Safe!! Tips to Prevent Dental injuries during sports

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Dental injuries have become quite common today. Most of them account for the injuries related to one or more front teeth. Sometimes such injuries can also extend to the minor damage of soft tissues in the lips, tongue and inner cheeks. Amongst all kinds of dental injuries, emergency dentists in Sydney state that sports related mouth injuries are the most common. Here are some useful tips that emergency dentists in Sydney offer for sports players.

The Basics you need to have:

Knocked-out teeth can be immediately rescued with the assistance of emergency dentists. Since there is a wide possibility for minor injuries to develop into a serious one, it is imperative that you use protective measures of any sort, while engaged in sports or other activities having high-risks. There are three kinds of protection you could use to prevent injuries.

1. Helmets: For sports such as football that involves high speed or stronger impact, helmets are essential. Helmets might not necessarily protect your teeth and mouth but it can shield your head. The helmet used should also be appropriate for the type of sport you are playing in.

2. Mouth Guards: The best means to protect your mouth and teeth is using mouth guards. It also shields your lips and tongue. Rather than dealing with readymade ones, you could get custom made mouth guards from your dentist or emergency dentist in Sydney. Customised mouth guards fits better than readymade counterparts and also protects your teeth better.

3. Boil and Bite Mouth Guard: If custom made mouth guard doesn’t fit, then emergency dentists in Sydney would suggest boil and bite mouth guards. This kind of boiling guard has to be placed in boiling water and once it gets soft, you can bite down on the guard. If you feel uncomfortable at first, you can reheat and use it again.

4. Face Cages: For players such as baseball catcher or hockey goalie, face cages offers protection against face trauma and therefore protects your teeth.

Can Knocked-out teeth be repaired?

The sooner you get your emergency dentist in Sydney, better the chances of repairing your knocked-out teeth. In the event your teeth’s knocked out, rinse away debris from the root and try placing the teeth back.

Most teeth injuries are treated by emergency dentist in Sydney. To prevent teeth injuries of any sort, make appropriate preventative measures and play your game safe.

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