Fire resistant cable

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Fire resistant cable is one kind of cable that can keep certain safe running time in the case of flame combustion. Fire resistant cable is widely used in high-rise buildings, underground railway, underground street, large power station and important industrial and mining enterprises and other places related to fire safety and fire rescue.
-> Using condition:
1. AC rated voltage: U0 /U (V series: 600/1000V, K series: 450/750V, B series: 450/750V).
2. long working temperature of cable:
(1) the insulation and sheath of vinyl fluoride: 70℃ and 105℃;
cross linked polyethylene(XLPE) insulation: 90℃;
(2) fluoroplastic insulated and sheathed: 220℃ and 260℃;
fluorine plastic insulation and 105℃ flame retardant poly vinyl fluoride sheath: 90℃ and 125℃.
(3) Fire resistant cable low halogen low smoke flame retardant PVC insulated and sheathed: 70 ℃;
non halogen low smoke flame retardant polyolefin insulation and sheath: 90℃ and 125℃.

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