The Relevance of Tenant Screening Process

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For a property owner, it can be perilous to not make any background checks on prospective tenants. Tenant screening process undertaken by the property management services provide detailed information regarding tenant’s credit score, history of eviction, criminal charges (if any) and more. Here are a few points that state why tenant screening is important.

1. Genuine Information: Tenant screening process can reassure if the prospective tenant doesn’t pose any risk to you or your property. Being aware of the tenant’s history can bring any noticeable threats to light. This also gives you the assurance that the tenant will pay rents without fail.

2. Prevention of Discrimination Issues: As per Federal Housing Laws, it is illegal for anyone to discriminate applicants on the basis of caste, creed, race or religion, sex or marital status. Through tenant screening process, discrimination issues of any kind can be prevented as you shall make decision on the basis of evidence and facts furnished.

3. Easy Processing of Applications: Application processes can involve cumbersome paperwork and procedures that are very time-consuming. Through tenant screening, such processes can be bypassed, letting you quickly and easily access information of your prospective tenant.


Tenant screening processes are efficiently performed by property managers. Here’s how you can hire an able property manager:

Referrals: Get referrals from various sources including your family and friends. This lets you shortlist few property management firms for future consideration. You may also perform your own research via online sources.

Examine their current work: Have a look at some of the ads circulated by property management firms. See if they are compelling and professional. Also analyze the current properties being inspected. Do they seem to be well managed? Are they clean and cared enough? Are the tenants comfortable with the service? Scrutinize all these aspects.

Check Certification: Having the right certification and license means they are trustworthy and capable of performing the service. This is enough proof that property managers have the expertise in property management.

A reliable property management service performs tenant screening services in the most honest and transparent manner possible. Tenant screening can save you lots of time and costs involved. The author is a resourceful writer specialized in property management. He has an experience of 5 years working as a property manager in a leading property management firm.
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