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What are Snap Pack Mailers?

A Snap Pack is a single sheet of 8.5x11” paper folded twice on the long side and sealed shut by pressure or adhesive. The paper is marked by perforations on the sides for easy opening. The recipient tears the snap pack open along the perforated and sealed ends to unfold the paper. The postal information such as the address of the recipient and the sender details and postage label can be printed on the outside of the snap pack. The information for the recipient is printed on the inside of the snap pack.

What are the Benefits of Printing Snap Packs?

Snap Packs are cheap for marketers because of the ease of printing. The whole printing and pressure sealing operation can be done quickly by automated processes. Since there are no inserts in basic snap packs, a large volume with different recipient addresses can be completed in a single day. Snap Packs offer a degree of confidentiality because any signs of tampering are easily detected. The message can also be varied easily with Variable Data Printing. Considering the privacy factor and the customization, financial services companies prefer using snap packs to send account statements, rebate credits and related information to their customers.  Surveys show that the use of snap pack mailers by banks gives it a lot of credibility among recipients. They are more likely to open and read the snap pack. So businesses and other organizations can use snap packs as a way of reaching news about memberships and offers to their target recipients.

How to Get Great Responses from Snap Pack Mailers?

The content of the message should be divided into three brief sections- a catchy introduction, a brief explanation and a call to action for the recipient to get in touch with the sender. Since the space available on the inside of the snap pack is limited to a single page, the message should be condensed, yet simple enough to retain the reader’s attention. Following these simple steps will give your snap pack mailers an edge. The appearance of the snap pack mailer can be made to look more official with sober design, which increases the likelihood of the recipient opening the snap pack. Choosing two-color or black and white designs keeps costs low while keeping the design looking official. Marketers can also experiment with the message on the snap pack in subsequent mailings to see what clicks with readers. Experts recommend staggering the campaign- that is, starting with a small initial run and gauging the response from recipients before proceeding with larger mailings. Recipients can be encouraged to get in touch by telephone, email, internet or social media.

With a little inventive thinking, snap pack mailers can be an effective part of an organization’s direct mail strategy. These packs can be used by real estate agents, non profits, lawyers, tax consultants and lottery sellers, among others.


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