The tremendous application of abradable thermal gun coatings and the processes

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Thermal spray coatings and gun coating finds great application in aerospace industry and weapons. Various parts in the aircraft engine and guns use thermal spray coating to enhance the life, reduce wear and tear and enhance the engineering behavior. Since the engine components of the aircraft has to function under stressed environments, with the envelope being pushed to attain a greater fuel efficiency, tungsten carbide coating is staple in the aircraft engine. Even the plasma sprayed coating or barrier is used widely in the gun component like yttrium oxide and stabilized zirconium oxide. For decades, the aerospace industry and armaments has been employing soft lubrication films and hard films. In short, to protect the firearms, gun coatings are used.


What is the significance of gun coating?


The gun coating allows one to use the gun repeatedly since it protects the firearm from wear and tear. A firearm using the wear resistant coating is safe and protected. Each piece of the firearm will have thermal coating to protect from chemical, heat and friction damage going along the firing process. Abradables find great application in the engine components and guns. The coatings are mainly designed for wearing off when they work against a surface having abrasive coating. The full range of performance coatings like Nickel Teflon, NiB-X, ZrN, TiN, AlTiN, can upgrade the finishing of shot guns.


What are the processes involved in gun coating?


Industry specific coatings are needed to prevent wear and tear in guns. Firearms coating proceeds through a number of steps and each coating job is custom tailored as per the material. It is great to summon professional team for applying a protective coating over the gun. The different steps are as follows:


·         The first and foremost step of coat application is disassembly. The firearm is disassembled so that the coating is applied.


·         The second step is the use of degreasing solution. The parts of the gun will be scrubbed and soaked in a degreasing solution which is not at all corrosive.


·         The parts of the gun are then cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning bath comprising non-corrosive solution.


·         Once the components are free of solvents and grease, media blasting along with aluminum oxide is done. This helps in eliminating the old finish and offers the professional a new surface to apply the coat. It also helps in ridding the minor or small imperfections from the gun.


·         The grease, oil or any residue is leached out with pre-heat process. Then, the warm surface becomes ideal for Parkerizing.


·         Parkerizing process is used to help the surface acquire absorbing property. It facilitates the adhesion of the coating which is used.


·         Then, finally, the coating is applied. It may consume various steps depending on the patterns.


·         The item is heat cured if Cerakote or Moly Resin has been used. Customized ovens are designed for coating firearms.


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