Flowers are the Real Token of Your Burning Affection! Yes, they are!

By Mary Dann Flowers are the Real Token of Your Burning Affection! Yes, they are! Custom Tag

Flowers have a secret language! Yes, they do have a language. They communicate feelings and sentiments much better than words could ever express. Dating back to the Victorian era, each flower has its own special meaning and can be exchanged by lovers to convey different messages. For example, giving a rose means ‘I Love You’; violets indicate ‘You are in my thoughts’, daisies mean ‘I will never tell’ and so on.

Wedding anniversaries are remarkable events of our life and should be cherished forever. The passing of another year together marks a deepening of the couple's commitment and an accumulation of time irreplaceable. Finding a perfect gift to add more fragrance to this day is not hard. Just dive into websites of leading florists in London Ontario to choose a flower that best portrays your love for him or her and evoke precious memories. Here is a list of wedding anniversaries and their associated flowers to express love, joy and romance.

First Wedding Anniversary - Carnations

Carnations are quite a lovely flower and represent the commitment, loyalty and joy to look forward to for years to come. This quality makes them the perfect first anniversary flower. A red carnation symbolises admiration, white represents pure and virtuous love and pink says, “I will never forget you.”

Second Wedding Anniversary – Lily of the Valley

With an incredibly perfumed scent these bulbous white flowers look lovely paired with fresh greenery in a bouquet. These flowers show the purity and devotion of your relationship on your second anniversary.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary – Daisies

Daisies are well-known to specify innocence, purity and kindness of both the giver and recipient. They are perfectly symmetrical and are used in the Victorian era buy the maidens to predict their romantic future. They come in variety of colours from red to pink and you can select a colour that suits your partners taste.

Tenth Wedding Anniversary – Daffodil

On the tenth wedding anniversary, giving a yellow daffodil reminds the couple about simple pleasures that they share. The simplicity of this single bloom represents new beginning, rebirth, chivalry and more.

25th Wedding Anniversary – Iris

Do you remember the most romantic country in the world? Yes, France of course! Iris is the emblem of France and now this justifies the reason to give a bouquet of iris on your 25th wedding anniversary. This flower combines the best characteristics of long, happy marriage – faith, hope, wisdom, valour and promise.

50th Wedding Anniversary – Violets

Violets are gifted to portray humility and commitment that sustains an enduring union and also represents virtue, modesty and faithfulness. It also sends a sincere message, “I’ll be always there for you!”

So, when honouring a decade of marital bliss, find the perfect anniversary flowers from the leading London Ontario florists to signify the years you and your loved one have been together.

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