What are the basic principles behind the music box?

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Music box originated nearly three centuries ago by a watchmaker who used the same technique to produce music box which attracted people. Slowly it has been turned into a professional product which acquired great demand in the later decades. The original principle was very simple, since it was very new, it gained attention from people across the globe. Many industrialists chose these as their main product and began manufacturing music boxes of mass for commercial purpose. It is a mechanical attachment embedded in beautifully carved boxes known as music boxes. Preferably the material used in the product is wood. Glossy polished wooden boxes are used to cover and mechanism is laid under a muslin cloth which is known for its elegance, smoothness and softness befitting the rhythmic music in the box. Such music box can be one of the best musical gifts for your beloved.

That means in general, you can say that a music box is a product where the apparatus which produce a music tone through mechanical process is placed in a wooden box. The wooden boxes are designed by the master crafts persons who are adept in carving and inlay work on the wooden material. The comb like steel cylinder is rotated across the tuned teeth to produce rhythmic sounds. The tunes depend upon the arrangement of revolving disks through a set of pins organized systematically to produce sound mechanically. It was very popular and most owned products more than any other musical products.  Since, the mechanism is simple and small, it is placed in various products such as Jewelry boxes, windup toys, novelties and especially in watches to produce different sounds indicate an hour and half an hour of time.
In the later stages the system is highly defined and the latest technology is made possible to add many  tunes, that too selective tunes as per the choice of clients depending upon the tunes stored in the database of music box manufacturers. The latest techniques are highly sophisticated and it is a pleasure to hear your favorite song or tune whenever you open something as precious as your Jewelry box.  What else can be the best unique gifts for women other than jewelry music boxes.  From tiny drums and small bells, it is a long journey and interesting journey of music boxes. From waistcoat pocket sized musical boxes to the size equal to big furniture are manufactured and they are used as decorative pieces in the living room.
It is interesting to note that the prices of the music boxes begin with a few dollars and ends up nearly 40,000 dollars per piece.  Vow! That is a good price and unique product to gift for your beloved. The miniature mechanism and shrinking the sizes of these cylinders and pins took a long transition period.  Now cute, little, beautiful small music boxes are available in the market which are pretty good to store and enjoy the beauty of different tunes whenever you use these boxes. The present music boxes are operated on the springs and keys, and it is organized to play as soon as the lid of the music box is opened. It is a unique birthday gift for women who love to possess precious gifts. 

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